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When it comes to Amazon many brands feel they don’t have support or control. Brand equity can be damaged, endangering distributor and customer relationships. CR Endeavors is here to help brands gain control and grow their sales.


Many brands struggle with counterfeit product, MAP violators and unauthorized sellers on Amazon. CR Endeavors works with their legal team, cyber investigators, Amazon and the brand owner to implement a strategy to control rogue sellers. CR Endeavors continually builds a case for gating the brand on Amazon (long term strategy).


Most brands are not presented professionally or consistently on Amazon. In addition to damaging sales and brand equity on Amazon, there is a great deal of negative spillover effect. Poor product content on Amazon can rank incredibly well on Google, giving consumers the wrong picture of what the brand truly offers. CR Endeavors implements effective strategies to give the brand 100% control of the marketplace content; taking those search surprises away.


An effective marketplace strategy must encompass optimized product listings with quality back end keywords, front end copy and quality images. But without an effective targeted ad campaign the product still falls short. CR Endeavors optimizes each aspect of the listing to maximize your market share. CR Endeavors is a partner in your brand growth; promoting not only your top selling products but your new releases too.



CR Endeavors is here to increase your brand’s control and grow sales on Amazon!


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